Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Watching Your Company Stocks

I noticed my company stock shot up a few dollars yesterday with reporting of good quarterly earnings, so I decided at this point in my life I needed to sell a few shares. I decided that I would sell 75 shares which was over half of what I had in order to get some much needed capital to put a down payment on a new home which I also consider a bigtime investment. So if you were in my situation would you also move around some of your money just to get the house of your dreams? I decided that making my payment that much lower and selling while my stock was up was the best decision I could have made at the time. If you have thoughts on this let me know what you think?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Age of Online Banking

Banking around the clock is no longer a remote possibility. But the banks don't have to keep their branches open 24 hours a day to provide this service. This is one of the biggest advantages of Internet banking.

One doesn't have to go to the bank's branch to request a financial statement. You can download it from your online bank account, which shows you up-to-the-minute updated figures.

Another advantage of Internet banking is that it is cost-effective. Thousands of customers can be dealt with at once. There is no need to have too many clerks and cashiers. The administrative work gets reduced drastically with Internet banking. Expenditures on paper slips, forms and even bank stationery have gone down, which helps raise the profit margin of the bank by a surprisingly large number.

As far as customers are concerned, their account information is available round the clock, regardless of their location. They can reschedule their future payments from their bank account while sitting thousands of miles away. They can electronically transfer money from their bank accounts or receive money in their bank accounts within seconds.

You can apply for a loan without visiting the local bank branch and get one easily. You can buy or sell stocks and other securities by using your bank accounts. Even new accounts can be opened; old accounts can be closed without doing tedious paperwork. Especially with the increasing acceptability of digital signatures around the world, Internet banking has made life much easier and banking much faster and more pleasant, for customers as well as bankers.

Rates Increase

Well yesterday I posted it may be a great time to buy a house with the fed cutting rates. Well this cut was more based on short term loans in order to for corporations to take out more short term loans and hire more people which will help the overall economy. This cut the fed made had a negative affect on long term loans such as mortgages and with inflation these rates will now be over 6% instead of staying in the 5.5% range like they should be.

So be cautious as you are looking around and make sure you find the loan that is right for you..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Right Time to Buy a house!

It may not be a great time to sell a house because of the crashing real estate market, but if you are sitting in a position where you do not own a home and are looking to make the move into a house, then you should be very happy at this point.

First the interest rates on home loans have been dropping recently which could put the house of your dreams within a little closer reach then it may have been just a few weeks ago. If you were looking at a house that might have been to much monthly well if you can lock in a rate under 6% over 30 years then you might just be able to afford a little bit more to put you at your comfort level on your monthly payment.

Good Luck in the House Hunting, I know I am keeping my eyes out for that next great deal aswell..