Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mutual Fund Info

Mutual funds are becoming more and more popular as a long term investment. They are a great long term investment because it is a lower risk investment than can gradually grow but will not hurt you much, but on the other hand they will probably not make you rich either. Here are a few top companies that rate mutual funds to help you pick the best one available for you.

Morning Star:

Morning Star has been rating mutual funds for over 20 years now. They give ratings based on a point system that gives ratings from 1 to 5 stars. It looks at the companies initial risk at the time and then goes from there. The only problem with there system is that it bases it mostly on current risk and does not plan much for the future..

Business Week

Business week has Mutual Fund Scoreboard that is carried annually in their magazine, but savvy investors can access that scoreboard at any time by going to Business Week's website and accessing the Mutual Fund Scoreboard. The keep the Mutual Fund score board updated on a month to month basis. They rate funds in a few different, but they obtain the overall rating by checking out the funds performance over a five year period, based on risk adjusted returns. They deliver the ratings in a letter grade with A being the best fund rating and F being of course the lowest fund rating.

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